Brit’s 10 Min Ab Workout


Here is my 10-minute ab workout that I have been doing daily!! This ab workout works the abdominals from all angles and is efficient in strengthening your core AND defining it! Grab a timer and give it a go and let me know how you like it! 


****20 Seconds Each**** 


Circuit 1 (repeat twice)


  • Russian Twists
  • Plank
  • Hip Raise
  • Alternating Heel Touch
  • Plank Step-Up
  • Plank Walk-Out
  • Seated Scissor Kick
  • Heal Touch
  • Cross Crunch
  • Bicycle Crunch


Circuit 2 (Repeat twice)


  • Glute Bridge
  • Alternating Reach

Brit's Tips:

- Hyper-focus your mind on your abdominal muscles and nothing else
- Remember to BREATHE during your workout
- Abdominal muscles recover VERY quickly (within 30 seconds to be exact) so any breaks you take during your ab workout will lessen your results. So push through!
- Once you feel the burn, keep going. This is what you feel when you are getting over the hump that helps communicate to your abs that it’s there responsibility to kick in and handle this on their own, which will make it easier for you and will help your abs do their job and receive the results. - While in Plank, do not let your torso sink downwards, do not drop head/neck, keep elbows directly below shoulders, keep body in a straight line (you should feel your abs working, including your obliques). Thanks for watching!!!
Xoxo 💕