Garments – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

by | Feb 22, 2018

I have so many people message me and ask me about garments. So I’ve decided to share about the new garments the church came out with in 2018 as well as what garments are in general. 


When I share outfit details, I am always open about whether or not certain clothes work with garments. Personally, I choose to consistently wear my garments every day, except when I’m working out or swimming. So the clothes I wear work with garments, and I will confirm, clarify or show that when asked. What I love so much is that I really can wear fashionable clothes that can and do in fact work with garments!


A lot of the time I get asked about the new garments:


So the church recently came out with some new garments that are a different fabric and are more comfortable (for example the ones before would make my underarms chafe). The new ones seem to have “shorter” sleeves, but I don’t believe that change was intended so that women could wear more revealing clothing. It does work much better under clothes and also has breathable sides, which people love!




Many people ask me about the fact that they see so many influential people not wearing them or wearing clothes that clearly could not work with them. It has been something I’ve seen bloggers, models, influencers, content creators, etc. struggle with. – Everyone has their own personal choices when it comes to their garments and people sometimes have different things that personally make it hard for them to wear them consistently. Just like everyone struggles with different things in any aspect. It can be difficult for some to refrain from being judgmental when they notice someone’s personal choices or struggles because it often times can make it more difficult for them to make their personal choices despite what “all” those they look up to are doing. Although it can possibly make it hard for someone who also struggles to wear their garments or to wear their garments consistently to see someone else choose not to, it is important to remember that it’s never our place to judge others or allow our personal choices & beliefs to be affected by any guilt, justification or pressure. 


I have a very strong testimony of garments. I know that they protect me and keep me safe – physically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally. I know the covenants I have made between myself and God and how when I wear them and respect them, I am continually living & keeping the covenants I have made and is a reminder to me of the blessings I receive as I do so.


It’s something that  is a very sacred thing and it is extremely sacred & special to me. But I am open about it because I feel that it’s important to be when there are so many things that may make it confusing or hard. If you want to explore garments a little more on your own, I like this link that helps explain it!

With Love,