Why I’ve Come Back to Social Media

by | Aug 14, 2018

Why I’ve Come Back

Coming back to social media has been a very scary and stressful thing for me. However, it has also turned into a very spiritual experience and a soul finding journey. After praying & fasting constantly for the last 3 months and even more intensely this last week or so, I have felt strongly and have decided to return to social media. I was caught off guard a bit though, because I didn’t expect to feel so strongly that I needed to return so soon… I was honestly thinking that if I did, it wouldn’t be for another couple months at the very least. So I have been a bit overwhelmed and scared, but at the same time have felt a strong sense of peace… because I know that I am supposed to. Because of the things I have experienced these last few months, I just don’t see the point…to life really anymore… unless I am doing something to help other people. At the same time, my testimony of our purpose here on earth has grown tremendously. During this, I definitely did not see the point to social media unless I am able to use it to help others and bring a positive light to those around me. So that is what I am hoping to do. I have some ideas and plans in the works and am excited to begin implementing them!

Doing What I Love Again

Something I have always had a passion for is helping other people succeed, whether it be encouraging them to do so or by showing them off and they’re amazing talents/businesses. I LOVE to believe in people. By creating content for brands, I get to do this while bringing out the creative side of myself. After everything I have been through these last 3 months, it was hard for me to get back in front of a camera to create content again. But something I have been praying for has been a lot to do with my financial situation because it has been extremely difficult for me to work and function during the last 3 months. Since Instagram is part of my income, it has truly been a blessing to have received so many inquiries from brands and companies to work with them. I will be posting often for brands and will also be incorporating much more depth and value to my personal posts. I hope to find a good balance between beautiful content creation for brands and the real life/real talk posts. I’ve also been praying and working hard for photography clients and Real Estate clients. Although it is all happening so much sooner than I was planning, I have felt it begin to really help me through my healing process by being productive and doing the things I love.

My Healing Process

A large step in my healing process will be removing the posts of my husband and I on social media and my website. Even as I’m writing this, my heart aches even thinking about this next step. Such a large part of my life and such a large part of me and my heart…. tears are falling down my cheeks as I’m typing this… I didn’t realize how hard this step would be.. I know that I need to though, so in my own timing and through the Lord’s strength, I will.

However, I do want to make something very clear: I am still married and I fully intend to respect my marriage and the vows that I made to my husband the day of our wedding, and also the promises and covenants I made with my Heavenly Father. For this reason, I have made the decision to continue to wear my ring until the Annulment is official.

I have a long road ahead of me in my healing process, but I am determined and have faith that I WILL be able to find complete healing and have chosen to do all I can to allow this to make me stronger. Even just three short weeks ago, I would have never thought I would be able to confidently say that. But now, I can.


I am really excited to finally be able to do what I have been wanting to do for so long through my blog and platform. I have so many things I want to do, all of which revolve around being raw & real with my followers and those around me! I also am so excited to talk more about how amazing each and every one of you are and acknowledging life as hard and as beautiful as it really is.

I will be the first one to say that I am far from the end of my journey of healing. That being said, I absolutely do not see the point in putting on a face; I know that doing that won’t help anyone. I have always had the intentions of being real, but now I will be opening up the most raw parts of me in ways that I have never done before. I am going to be open and honest in sharing my journey with each of you. I am no expert at life, or at finding happiness, or enduring through tough times, or really anything. But I am human. And I have walked the path of my own life and have experienced joy & misery in my own ways, just like each and every single one of you. Although I can’t solve the world’s problems or make tragedies disappear, I can be real. I can be vulnerable. I can simply allow you into my life in hopes that through the thick and thin, you may find something meaningful and helpful to you in your own life.

So follow along and stay tuned for big releases and changes to my website and platform 🙂

With Love,