Why I Still Wear My Wedding Ring

by | Aug 19, 2018

I’ve been surprised by how many people have asked me why I am still wearing my wedding ring. I understand why the curiosity might be there, I guess I just didn’t realize how abnormal it is for someone to continue wearing their ring after everything that has happened. After asking people why they are curious, I realized that many people were concerned that I was still wearing my ring because I was not accepting reality or because I was afraid for people to know about my marriage being Annulled. I hadn’t thought about those things until people brought them up, and I realized that those really weren’t the reasons at all for why I’ve made this decision. In fact, on days that are more difficult than others, where I struggle with accepting reality, I do actually take my ring off to help me from pretending.

Although I have absolutely no idea how to handle any of this… 1 week after separating from my husband, I was able to get myself to put my ring on again and have worn it every day since. HERE IS WHY: I made this choice because the day of my wedding, I made promises not only to my husband, but I made covenants to my Heavenly Father. And I fully intend to keep my covenants and promises that I have made until the Annulment is official. Every person can make their own choices when it comes to similar situations, but this is the choice I have made. And although it is extremely difficult and painful to put my ring on every day, I do it intentionally as a reminder of not only my covenants, but of the things I am striving to work on each and every day; forgiveness, hope, charity, faith, endurance, etc. After 3 months of doing this, I have come across the thought of possibly replacing my wedding ring with a band or some kind of other ring that I would still wear on my left finger until things are official, to remind me of the same things but to remove the emotional ties that I have to it. This is something I am currently praying and fasting about, and I will make the choice when I feel guided to and when I am ready. This will be a large step in my healing process that I am honestly terrified for, but am also looking forward to at the same time. So I will remain prayerful regarding that thought and ask that you please do NOT press your opinions or advice on me regarding this matter. I also ask that you respect my choice that I have made to continue wearing my wedding ring. Thank you so much for all of your support and for letting me be open & honest with you guys and helping me to feel safe to do so.

If you do have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below. I will answer as many as appropriately as I can. Thank you so much guys!

With Love,