Things are Looking Up✨

by | Aug 28, 2018

Things are looking UP✨ Thank you so much everyone for being so supportive of my new opportunities that have come recently! But I want to be REAL with you guys. I am still taking things minute by minute, day by day. I am still experiencing a lot of pain.. despite my positivity and despite the blessings that I share with you, every day is a trial of my faith. Every day tests my determination to keep going, to keep trying, and to not give up. I have experienced a plethora of things in the last 4 months that I wish no one else has ever had to experience. But I am coming to learn that despite how unique my situation is, there are still things that I have experienced that may be similar to someone else. Even if that’s just how to get through a trial in life! So I am choosing to be positive, each and every day, and keep my focus on that which is beautiful. But I am also choosing to share the other side of things. In order for us to experience and know Joy we must experience and come to know Misery. There is absolutely NO ONE who has experienced joy without having experienced misery to some extent. It’s how we choose to handle times of tragedy & hardship that determine what experiences we have after that. Now when it comes to me being REAL, I have no idea how to do it appropriately and in the best way possible. So I’m going to let my Savior lead me and am entirely putting my trust in him. I want to reiterate that I am in disbelief at all the blessings that have come my way recently. I am so grateful and can testify that it is 100% because of my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for His hand in my life and for the opportunity I have had to make the choice to follow Him diligently, not only in the midst of adversity, but always.

So the point of this was just to clarify my intentions and perspective on being raw on social media. I am in the middle of finding a balance between being positive, creating beautiful content for my passion (Content Creating for Brands), and also being RAW & REAL – And doing all of this while being appropriate in what I share and how I do so. Finding this balance is NOT easy, but so beyond worth it. I’m hoping it can bring light to those around me and also help me grow and progress as a person. Thank you so much for all your support!! Opening up to you guys and experiencing many of you open up to me has already blessed my own life more than I could have expected! Thank you so much you guys!!💗

With Love,


  1. erotik

    Im thankful for the article post. Really looking forward to read more. Devon Nolly Savior

  2. erotik

    Txs Bishop. This text helps us to be more of ourselves than trying to be what we cannot. This is realistic and helps me to interface with the Lord in humility and continuingly seek his grace for righteousness. Your writings are always a blessing to my spiritual life. God bless you. Del Ker Batory

    • Brit L'Amour<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

      This just made my day! Thank you so much for commenting. I would absolutely love to hear from you again on other posts!