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by | Nov 16, 2018

During the last year or so, I have listened to Conference Talks & Podcasts to help start my day off right. It truly is an amazing part of any morning routine! In the past 6 months however.. doing this has been one of the things that has literally helped me survive not just the darkest of days, but each and every single day. I would not have been able to get through this time in my life without the impact that these have on me as I would & still do listen & study them.


Something that I have suffered from during the last 4 months has been Severe Panic Attacks. These were far worse than anything I have ever experienced, witnessed or have heard of before…And I literally felt at times that I was looking death straight in the face. One of the few things that saved me from an on-coming panic attack was listening to these Conference talks. I also created a playlist of uplifting & spiritual songs on my Spotify. I listened to these every day. In fact, these were the only songs that I could listen to for the first 2 months. I’m doing better now, but due to the extreme levels of PTSD that I have been suffering from, I’m still not able to watch certain types of movies or listen to most songs. Therefore, during the first 4 months, these were really the only things I would watch/listen to – besides Marvel movies and Shania Twain 😉 I still struggle to this day with certain types of movies, tv shows, and songs.. However, I am doing much better and have been able to watch and listen to many great movies and songs, which is something I have always enjoyed doing in my free time. Through my Heavenly Father and every ounce of strength left within me, I have been able to progress through my journey of healing. The videos & songs that I share below are specifically the ones out of many that I would (& still do) listen to ON REPEAT. The reason I share this with each of you is to open up & allow what I have found to bring me comfort, peace, and strength to hopefully bring you those same things and also what you are specifically in need of at this time in your life. Just as a light within the darkness, I chose to turn to my Heavenly Father and to these incredible resources, and they showed me light when I was nearly about to give up. 


I will continue to prioritize listening to a talk, devotional or uplifting podcast every morning throughout the rest of my life. 


COMMENT below any and all movies, songs, podcasts, and conference talks that YOU love for any reason at all!

With Love,


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