Forever Grateful

by | Nov 22, 2018

To try to put into one post everything that I am grateful for would be impossible. I can’t put it into words… These last 6 months of my life I have faced devastating trials that don’t seem like they could even be real. However, amongst all the darkness there truly has been more light than I have ever seen or felt in all my life. I am so grateful for everything & everyone who has been a light in my life these last several months. I am so grateful for my family and for all of the times throughout my life where they have given me moments of the best laughter, memories, and support. I am so grateful for my friends that have been by my side for years and for the friends who have come into my life recently & who I can honestly say I will love forever❤️ And I am SO grateful for my Heavenly Father..

Although these last 6 months have been the most devastating & darkest times in my life, it has also been filled with more light, love, & miracles than I have ever before experienced. I am so grateful for the miracles that I have been given. For the people in my life, for the family I have been blessed with, for the hope & beauty this life has to offer and all the light & hope we have to give. I’m so grateful for the strength I have been given from my Heavenly Father when I literally had nothing left inside me. I’m so grateful for the faith my spirit has and how it has carried me through the best & worst times. I’m so grateful for the life we have been given to learn, grow & BECOME. I’m so grateful for the growth I have experienced this year and for all that Heavenly Father has blessed me with through my trials so that I can help others through theirs.

I hope you all have a very HAPPY Thanksgiving❤️ Cherish every moment & every bite😜 Xoxo!!!

With Love,


  1. porno

    Im obliged for the blog post. Much thanks again. Awesome. Lainey Bartlett Stephenson

    • Brit L'Amour<span class="bp-verified-badge"></span>

      You’re so welcome! Thank YOU:)


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