Our 1 Year Anniversary!

by | Jun 15, 2022

Wow! Time flies by so fast! I honestly can’t believe how much closer Ty and I have grown since just our wedding day alone. Love is an interesting thing – truly it’s fascinating! The beauty and power it holds is unlike anything else. And what’s so crazy is just when you think you love someone so much, that love deepens even further. I remember our wedding day and I truly didn’t think it was possible for me to love Ty more than I already did. Well, I was wrong. Each day that has passed, my love for him has grown exponentially. He’s truly my best friend. I love how much we laugh together and all the incredible memories we continue to make with each other.

Now this might be a little TMI lol but truly I am so grateful for the beautiful, fun, and healthy sex life I have with my husband. I wish people talked more openly about this topic, because wow! I had no idea chemistry like this existed. Like just his pheromones alone drive me crazy haha One of my favorite things is laying on Ty’s chest, his arms wrapped around me, smelling his pheromones, and feeling the safety that comes with his embrace. And the best part is, our intimacy expands outside of just sexual intimacy. I’ve learned there are so many other things that are also important when it comes to intimacy within a marriage. It’s been really special when we read books together, do yoga, open up deep convos, learn something new together, spiritual conversations & studies, etc. Our intimacy is something I hold so close to my heart. We both talk all the time about how much we hope that everyone gets to experience this type of love – at least once in their life. It’s truly something so special.

Our marriage definitely isn’t perfect though – no marriage is. There’s so many little things that you learn – for example, something as simple as “don’t sweat the small stuff.” There’s so much wisdom that comes while learning and growing in a relationship. One of the things I really appreciated from the beginning of our relationship is how willing Ty is to learn and grow. He’s not someone who’s opinion is easily persuaded and he can definitely be stubborn at times (but hey so can i haha), but he truly does care about seeking truth. He’s a man of principal, which I value. It’s already been so special living life alongside him.

Anyways, this is basically a mini journal entry haha but really I’m just so grateful:’)


Sending you guys lots of love!


With Love,