The Power of Consistency

by | Dec 14, 2022

Something that I’ve come to learn recently is how crucial CONSISTENCY is. This goes for everything in life. When we are trying to become good at something, create a habit, break a habit, align our priorities, embrace a specific lifestyle, take care of our bodies, nurture our minds, feed our souls, continually choose and embrace happiness, learn & grow, exercise efficiently, find productivity, etc. If there is anything that we can focus on when desiring to achieve, obtain and/or become, it is CONSISTENCY. As we are consistent, we are teaching our minds, body’s and brain a consistent behavior in which will re-wire and build a mindset that produces results. Consistency produces results. As we are consistent, we are driven. As we are consistent, we are determined. As we are consistent, things become clear. As we are consistent, our mind becomes stronger. As we are consistent, we experience change. We experience growth.

The time for consistency is now. And tomorrow. And the day after that. If we are making the choice to do something, then shouldn’t we want it enough to be consistent with it. How does consistency influence our life, our attitude, our opportunities, our decisions, etc.?

Consistency is the chemical construction of happiness.

What does reflecting look like to you? First a little side note – As humans who hope to grow & improve throughout life, it’s ironic to me that we psychologically drag our feet to do so and ultimately self-sabotage ourselves. Or we fill these opportunities of growth with “fillers” like watching tv/movies every night before bed (guilty🙋🏼‍♀️), or keeping up with social media, etc.

Something that I have really put my thoughts into lately has been what can I identify in my life that needs to change? How can I break though the next ceiling per say? These thoughts led to more and the same answer that I kept getting was CONSISTENCY. In absolutely every formula to success, in almost every form of positive outcome, there must be consistency. Change CANNOT happen without consistency. Therefore, if we want to improve and be the very best person we can be, then we must master the skill & strength of consistency.


Just some late night thoughts for ya:)

With Love,