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Why I am passionate about fitness: In all honesty, fitness is one of the things that has saved my life. After extensive trauma that nearly ended my life in 2018, I turned to my Heavenly Father and every resource available to heal. Throughout the last 2 years, what I have found to be one of the top 5 things that have helped me overcome suicide, depression, anxiety, PTSD, physical trauma, sexual trauma, fears, etc. has been consistent exercising and taking care of & fully knowing & understanding my body. Exercising daily helps get our endorphins going and stimulates the chemicals in our body that are necessary to release toxins and raise our serotonin levels. I have seen a significant difference with my mental & emotional health when I stop working out every day. In fact, it’s crucial for my mental & emotional health and my overall healing and daily happiness. I have become passionate about this aspect of fitness and it has now become one of the top requests I receive - So I am here to share what I do with fitness to stay not only physically healthy & happy, but mentally & emotionally happy and healthy as well.

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