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“Bend Not Break - Suicide Prevention Event”

Brit L’Amour - Key Note Speaker for the “Bend Not Break - Suicide Prevention Event” with Alex Boye, Julianne Hough, Jlo, etc.



June 24th, 2020


Salt Lake City, UT


500 Seats Available
Event Details
There are many young souls who should be living their best carefree years who are hurting in the world today. The youth are bombarded from all directions with false ideals and unrealistic messages of perfection from the media. The purpose of the Bend Not Break tour is to raise the vibration and transform lives through the medium of music, spoken word and powerfully charged visual images; in addition to bringing stronger awareness to suicide prevention and mental illness through, messages of hope to the brain and to the heart.
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About the Event

Brit L'Amour

Influencer, Actor, Model, Survivor

Alex Boyé

Vocalist, Performer, and Video Producer

Julianne Hough

Dancer, Actress, Singer and Songwriter