Private Brand Coaching

$100/hr coaching sessions

Custom coaching for your specific brand. Each brand is at different levels with their branding, and may not need everything from the ground up. Hourly coaching sessions are scheduled in accordance to what your brand is in need of and what you want most. SO - You can schedule as little or as many coaching sessions as you want - whatever you feel like your brand needs. It’s also flexible - If you schedule weekly sessions for 1 month and decide at the end of the month that you would like to schedule more, you absolutely can! Or if you schedule weekly sessions for 1 month and feel like you received everything you were wanting after the first 3 coaching sessions, you’re not obligated to do the 4th coaching session. It’s all up to YOU!:) The most common course brands take with Brit’s coaching sessions is:

what's included
One 2 hour coaching session for first session + Weekly 1 hr sessions for one month. They then re-evaluate at that point and decide if they would like to continue doing bi-weekly sessions or monthly sessions to maintain & continue progressing. The following is included:

Personal Branding Optimization

○ Personal Brand creation/polishing
○ Consistency & alignment check
○ Foundation for all social platforms
○ Website buildout

How to Work with Brands/Influencers + Network Value

○ System setup for outreach & inquiry
○ Campaign ideas, logistics, & monetization
○ Provides network of individualized valuable connections
○ How to monetize social platforms

Growth Advisement

○ Marketing budget advisement & organization
○ Social media growth strategies