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Sign up HERE to apply for an interview with Brit. All mastermind participants are taken through an interview process to help determine the right fit for each mastermind class. Only 8 members are accepted into each 8 week mastermind course. Brit does this so that those who purchase the Mastermind can receive the private & group coaching they need – There is value that comes with each member that can help others. Brit takes a psychological approach to building her 8 Week Mastermind Teams for the intent of creating the strongest, most impactful experience for each person involved.

“The energy we surround ourselves with impacts the energy we internalize and externalize.” – Brit L’Amour

What to know for your Interview :
1. This is where Brit wants to get to know you. The more open & vulnerable you are, the better.
2. Have your top 3 goals in mind to share with Brit.
3. Be prepared to answer & ask questions. Let your walls come down.

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What is included


Gain clarity in your life, vision, purpose and set a compelling future by learning the clear and simple steps to your achievement and your success.


Make lifetime connections, receive support, and build great relationships with others that are like-minded. Brit will help lead you to remove anything holding you back, step into the highest version of yourself, and fully take your power back.


Learn real-life, simple strategies that allow you to fully step into your power, creating powerful changes and success in your health, wealth, relationships, and impact.


Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs like insecurity, worrying what others think, playing small, negative self-talk, and other things holding you back. Brit will help you learn how to become one with yourself, magnify your individual qualities, identify the values you offer the world, and learn how to control your own energy and positively influence the energy around you.


Experience the true process of becoming - Brit will help you learn techniques and strategies for getting out of a funk, overcome comparison, feel great in your own skin, develop a strong relationship with yourself, and learn how to powerfully love others. During this process, Brit will give you the tools to overcome any guilt, shame, negative self-talk, lack of confidence, and anything holding you back from deeply developing self-love.


Throughout this mastermind course, Brit L’Amour provides opportunities for you to have personal experiences in your daily life, should you intentionally decide to. These range from subtle & small moments to massive life-changing experiences. Brit helps you acquire the skills and habits to have the specific energy necessary to receive all that you are manifesting and working towards. These are experiences that Brit intends to give you tools for so you can continue giving and receiving after the mastermind is over and throughout the remainder of your life.


Experience and become trained by Brit L’Amour in rewiring your brain, turning negatives into positives, and taking back the control & power you have within you. These tools will have a significant impact on the success you will achieve throughout your life, both inside and out. Gain the skills necessary to create abundance, become empowered, and find your life mission & purpose.


The entire course will be jam-packed with value that has been curated personally by Brit L’Amour, just for YOU. These materials are sacred to Brit and are things she uses in her own daily life. She provides this for you in ways that are organized and easily accessible for post mastermind references. Brit wants you to get as much as possible out of this experience, so provided with this course are recorded mastermind calls, recorded weekly Q&A sessions, recorded guided meditations, manual for key points & strategies, etc. Along with all of the materials, this mastermind is designed to give you an incredible community that includes accountability partner(s) and a private online group.

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Mastermind Interview Booking